Reports are that Roberto has officially refused the offer to be the next Bachelor because he is dating a model now. 
After Roberto, I’m sure these two are the ones that the producers want to hunt down, and for great reasons!
Personally, I think I want to see Arie be the next Bachelor. Even though Sean obviously has a way hot body, and is very handsome, and someone who I think would take being the Bachelor really seriously… I just see WAY more personality in Arie! The only reason I wouldn’t want Arie is because I actually hate the way Arie kisses, it seems very wet and sloppy to me and I’m not into that… but he’s pretty funny, and I think Jef would get a kick out of seeing Arie being the Bachelor. I’d love to see him live-tweet the show. :P 

With that being said, I would still watch Sean (even though his brand of humor isn’t really for me… “I still live at home…psych!!” No.) because I really think that he’ll last with whoever he chooses, just seems like that kind of guy. :)

Do you agree/disagree?? Who do you guys think should be the next Bachelor?


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